Frequently Asked Questions about Online Payment

The Agenda:Alexandria shopping cart is new to us, so you may see changes happening over time.  Please email ExecutiveDirector@AgendaAlexandria.com with questions.  

Why is there a cut-off time to purchase dinner at a lower rate the Friday prior to the meeting?

Agenda:Alexandria must submit the number of dinner reservations to the caterer several business days in advance to allow for enough food to be available. Sometimes we are able to accommodate a few people after that date, but charge a bit more for the meal to encourage you to reserve early. (Tip: Remember the Sustaining Membership allows you to pay for and reserve all meals in advance.)

I selected a Dinner Reservation in “Add to Cart” but can’t find my “Shopping Cart.” Where is it?

The shopping cart, checkout and my account are in the drop down menu under Make a Reservation.

Are purchases refundable? Can I cancel a reservation?

Purchases are not refundable. Once a reservation is placed the Agenda:Alexandria is required to pay catering costs even if a person cannot attend. We do “pay it forward” by offering your paid meal to a student or other honored guest.

What “Payment Gateway” are you using to process my credit card payment?

We are using Stripe which acts as both a Payment Gateway and a Merchant Services entity.  We pay 2.9 % plus $0.30 per transaction (with a minimum of $0.50 per transaction).  We always appreciate if you add a little to your payment to cover the convenience of paying by credit card.

Is my financial information secure with Stripe?

Yes, Stripe handles the encrypting of the information.  Agenda:Alexandria never sees or records your information. Agenda:Alexandria also changed the website to include Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).  If you look closely, you will see that we now have HTTPS at the beginning of our website and a padlock icon.  In the bottom right hand corner of each screen, you will see the McAfee Security icon.


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