Board Secretary Florence M. King, BA, ChFC

Florence King serves as Co-Chair and CEO of FMK Financial Literacy Center; she brings over 25 years of financial experience to this organization. She currently serves as Chair of the Alexandria Regional Council of the United Way, NCA and Chair of the Alexandria Commission on Employment.

A graduate of George Mason University, Florence majored in Sociology and Business Administration. She regularly conducts a series of money management courses to improve financial literacy by utilizing systematic approaches to building assets, savings, and offers real time solutions to implement practical ways to live within your means.

Florence has been serving as a Financial Counselor for over fifteen years at McLean Bible Church – a congregation of over 20,000 attendees located in Tyson Corner, Virginia. She is a certified Chartered Financial Consultant and Money Management Coach under the Crown Financial Ministries. She has a partnership with the Alexandria Re-Development Housing Authority in which she provides financial literacy workshops for city residents who live in low income and subsidized housing.