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Monday, May 24th
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Sea Change for Alexandria? Climate Change Prompts Flood of Problems

Agenda Alexandria’s May 24th program will focus on sea change for our city and its consequences. This program will be virtual and will start at 6:30 PM.

The sea level is rising, and so are concerns along low-lying neighborhoods. How will the city cope with more frequent flooding, severe storms and excessive stormwater?

The Potomac River has shaped the City of Alexandria since its foundation. Waterfront, as we commonly know it, begins at the bed of the Potomac River and is the gateway to the rest of the City through King Street. This area which sits at the river line of Old Town attracts businesses, artisans, and tourists alike, providing a unique mix to our community.

Even though the City has grown, old and new problems present a challenge not just for Waterfront but all across the City. As the city plays catch up to fix an inadequate stormwater infrastructure and is forced to adapt to the realities of climate change, it still needs to offset the cost while remaining as an attractive place to grow.

As new construction in the area spurs more residents, businesses, and commerce, it bears asking how and what is the city doing to cope with the realities of climate change and other antiquated infrastructure problems.

How is the city planning to deal with climate change?

How is it dealing with new development projects in the area?

How is the newly created Ad-Hoc Stormwater Utility and Flood Mitigation Advisory Group working?

Join Agenda: Alexandria in a discussion about how these problems continue to affect local businesses, commerce, and low-lying neighborhoods impacted by the flooding.

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In case you missed our April program, Density in Alexandria, you can watch in entirety below.