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Thank you to our dedicated Annual Sponsors who make our programs possible.

Printable Membership, Sponsorship, Advertising Form: Membership, Sponsorship, Advertising Form



The Works* (Best Overall Value) – $500 for Sustaining Membership & Sponsorship rolled into one
Sponsorship – $300 – your business name in the directory, on the website and announced from the podium at each program – plus a full page ad in the directory
Friends of Tim Sponsorship – designate your donation to Friends of Tim to support things Tim loved, like involving T.C. Williams students in our programs

Type of Sponsorship


Full-Page Ads: 5.5″ wide by 8.5″
Half-Page Ads: 5.5″ wide by 4.25″
Third-Page Ads: 5.5″ wide by 2.8″

Advertise in the Movers & Shakers Directory distributed to all members.

Please submit ad artwork in PDF, TIFF or JPG format, in black and white, 300 dpi or larger. Cover ads can be submitted in full color. All other ads will be printed in black and white: please note that artwork submitted in color may produce unexpected results. At no extra charge, we can also design simple text advertisements or acknowledgements and messages if desired. Please email questions to Executive Director.

Advertise in the Movers & Shakers Directory

Display Table

Select your payment for a display table already arranged with the Executive Director.

Recent events in our city reinforce the need to keep conversations vibrant and relevant.  Now more than ever, Agenda:Alexandria has an important role to play in the civic life of the city we love.
— Bob Wood, Chair, Agenda:Alexandria